The Vale Bar in Dundas Street, Glasgow

Record Store Day 2016

First things first: I don’t like vinyl. I don’t own a record deck, when CD came out I stopped buying vinyl. Warmth? Analogue mojo? Ram it where the sun don’t shine. Give me squeaky-clean digital every time.

But my friend owns a record shop. His car keys are on the poker table here, and you don’t hang a friend out to dry, do you? So when Record Store Day comes around on the third Saturday in April, I act like I have musical taste (I don’t); and that I dig vinyl (we’ve already established that I don’t); and I pitch up and lend my technical expertise, my enthusiasm, and my ability to carry heavy things.

In previous years I have been roadie / stage manager for up to 10 bands appearing in the shop, and it’s been chaos. Fun, a challenge, and chaos. So, today I was on the door of a venue just down the road that was hosting six bands over three hours, and tech-ing another DJ venue and a wee vocal PA in the shop.

I did a day’s work. I bought my own lunch, I paid my own travel expenses, I had to look people in the eye and tell the they weren’t getting in because the venue was over capacity, and I had to accept their disappointment on this special day.

I loved every moment of it. All these people love music, they love buying music, they love hearing music played live, they love being around other music-loving people. I was at home amongst these people. Some of them I know, some of them I don’t know, and some of them I didn’t know and I do now.

Record Store Day is a special day for music lovers. Thank you to all the musicians, the guys and gals in the shop, and all the music fans who turned up to make it the party that it is. I’m in this video. Sorry about that.

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