Musick Has Charms To Soothe A Savage Breast.

No, not Bill Shakespeare, another playwright – William Congreve (1670 – 1729) – coined the phrase.

I went to see some old friends play tonight. Charlie and Willie reconvened their band Astrid after 12 years, they have made a new album (what I have heard of it sounds great) and they played some old stuff and some new stuff at King Tuts in Glasgow, and I loved every second of it.

When I last heard them, they were good, but they were young. Now they are older, they have some great stagecraft, and they sound finished, completed. Despite more than a decade apart, their voices haven’t changed that much, their harmonies still work as well as they ever did. I was very, very happy tonight.

There were two standout moments for me: ‘Distance’, where I was too busy singing to film; and ‘Kitchen TV’ which I did film. Enjoy!

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